The OneSpy review Apps for Android Users


Many times we talk about privacy in social networks, how we are increasingly vulnerable at times by our own practices and sometimes by the practices of “pirates” of some friends, couples or other controlling people who take advantage of applications to Know everything you do and every movement you make. Sometimes they play against us and sometimes they can help us. And yes, we like it more or less, whether or not we agree, these apps are a reality and as much as we try to avoid them they will not disappear. So better to meet our enemy and be aware to know who we are facing, do not you think? Go for it!

Cell Tracker

Do not go to étic @ that surely even if you did not take it into practice, you would have liked to know where your boyfriend or girlfriend was at the early hours of the morning. We do not think about it, but those who have created Cell Tracker, an app that every half hour sends your location to the spy. And not only does it work for extra jealous couples, the bosses themselves may be accumulating data on every step you take during and after work. Come on … it’s not for being spoilers, but if you complain about not having a business phone … you’re still in time to change your mind!

Children Tracker

You always have to see the good side of things, and being a “spy” is not always synonymous with evil. Sometimes and more at present with such recent cases, parents worry about the safety of their children. It is normal, we understand it or not, we seem more or less controllers, when we are small and go out into the street we are really helpless before a madman. Surely an app will not prevent anything, but if it gives parents peace of mind … why not take advantage of new technologies? This is what Children Tracker does, get the best out of spy android apps to know where your child is at every moment. It’s simple to use and you just have to install it on your smartphonemake it work, hide the app and start not to stop looking at your phone to control the little one. A blessing for parents and a real nightmare for teenagers.

Ear Spy

Shhh, I do not listen! Well, that’s where the shots go. A typical situation in which they are trying to put their ears to find out about other people’s whispers. What an ugly thing indeed! Anyway … so you can say then that we do not take care of little “marujas”. The app that amplifies the sounds around has an equalizer to improve the sound conditions. A little freaky, yes, but at least if you know someone who has Ear Spy, you’ll know she’s an incurable gossip.

Mobile Hidden Camera

Ideal for operations ” in fraganti” . If you want to take a picture or record a video without anyone knowing … Mobile Hidden Camera is your app! It is well hidden and nobody will know that you are taking pictures or capturing a video of a memorable conversation. Without a doubt, it has all the ingredients to become a most dangerous app. Let the famous tremble! You know … be careful what you say, it will not be that they’re recording you and then they’ll start it off. Nothing sure that we end up with an inhibitor also in our pockets.

Spy Message

Actually, this application already performs the same function as many others. For example and without going any further with Poke, the Facebook app can also get your messages self-destruct at a certain time. However, if what you like is the role of spies and interfaces like a little more spy roll … Spy Message is your secret agent! (Personally I think the dumbest of all we’ve seen so far).

Hide Private Contacts

Just as there are curious people, there are also those who are cautious or who do not want prying eyes. That’s why Hide Private Contacts, an app that protects both your contacts and calls and that hides your agenda from anyone who takes control of the phone and who is not you. It also automatically eliminates the call log, no one will know who you are with!

Secret Agent Fake Call

This is the best! Surely more than once you would have liked to receive a call to escape a boring conversation, embarrassing situation or simply get rid of the heavy one on the right. Yes, Secret Agent Fake Call could also be called “saved by the bell”, and with this app you can record conversations, personalize messages and program them to know when to receive them. By pretending … you can even give the invisible friend your own identity! Anyway … the coolest of all the apps and the one that can really save us from more than one hurry on many occasions.


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