Buying a Rollator Walker: 5 Tips From a Licensed Physical Therapist


Probably the most typical concern I get from clients is “How can I get among those walkers with a seat? As a certified physical therapist and home health care expert, I assess people with physical disabilities every day and can supply insight to you in your rollator walker purchase. Below are the 5 most important elements of choosing your 4 wheeled rollator walker with a seat.

1) Security vs. Mobility – Rollator walkers differ from basic enters that they have 3 or 4 wheels instead of 2 with a standard wheeled walker. The additional wheels gives you more mobility at the expenditure of prospective reduced general safety. Rollators have hand brakes to permit the user to stop the device when required so make sure you or your loved one is totally capable of controlling them for safety sake.

2) Purpose of Use – While some may believe they would gain from a rollator, its best to consider its purpose first. Rollators are best for those who have some mobility concerns however can still go out and just need some additional rest for their endurance by utilizing the seat. Those who have difficulty strolling from the bed room to the restroom are not great candidates for rollators and ought to think about a standard design for more support and security.

3) Comfort Level – Some rollator designs have seats with cushioning for assistance. Some have back supports with extra cushioning too. For individuals with need for this extra assistance, make sure to acquire the right model.

4) 3 vs 4 Wheels – Beyond the obvious distinction in between 3 and 4 wheel models, know that 3 wheel types do not have a seat for resting. Therefore, 3 wheeled models ought to just be bought by those with self-confidence in their mobility and simply need that bit of extra assistance. 4 Wheeled Rollators are much more standard and utilized by many due to their additional safety and convenience functions.

5) Wheel Types – Some models have tires with air nevertheless most have standard rubber wheels which provide great support. Unless you are expecting to do a great deal of moving on unequal surface areas, stick to the basic wheels.


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