One of the most reputable business degrees in the world is a Master in Analytics degree. It can provide you with a golden opportunity to become a business analyst in different private and government sectors. Those who have this degree usually find excellent careers with high salaries. This degree is usually taught in a classroom on campus.  It is rare to find this degree offered online, because of the difficult nature of this course. But there is one university that offers this degree online.  That is Villanova University.

Reasons to believe

The first question which may come to your mind is why should you trust this university? What is so special about it? Everything about this university is special.

Reliability: This is the university which is ranked in the top hundred by Forbes magazine when it comes to “America’s top colleges”. It has been serving education for more than 150 years since establishment in 1842. It is one of the most reputable online degree providing universities on the globe.

  1. Time flexibility: Time can be a problem for many students. With the degree programs offered online by this university, students can relax and study anytime, anyplace.
  2. Learn from the best: The university staff members are firm believers that every student should only get the best, and that’s why they provide you with experts and specialists with immense experience in different fields to deliver lessons to you.
  3. AACSB-accredited business school: It is one of very few universities which will allow you to earn your degree from an AACSB-accredited business school. This will add some extra credentials to your CV.
  4. Incredible online classrooms: You will learn with almost twenty other students in your class, who can belong to different nations. You can interact with them and learn new things from them. All and all, these classrooms will provide you with an enjoyable environment in which to learn.


The curriculum at Villanova University for an MSA degree will help you to learn those skills needed to, not only collect and analyze data, but to transform it into an actionable intelligence that will give you and your organization a competitive edge. This MSA degree program is a 33- credit hour program. It mainly consists of fundamental courses such as Introduction to Business Analytics, Data Models and Structured Data Analysis along with necessary core courses as well. In addition, you will also get an application-based practical project in the final capstone course. This course can be completed in as few as twenty months. At this university, you will get the same curriculum and faculty experience as the campus based program, to ensure that you will earn the same credentials. So if you have been looking for a way to improve your resume and begin an amazing career, check out the application form for Villanova University.


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