Dedikerad server – tips och jämförelser


If you are tired of juggling accounts on five different web hosting companies or if you notice that the cost of domains each year has begun to exceed the cost of new clothes, it may be time to consider whether you should not get a dedicated server.

A dedicated server, just as the name suggests, is a server that is completely dedicated to you or your business. You simply rent a server from a vendor, and no other customers share that particular server with you. The server is generally located in the supplier’s server hall or data center, which is beneficial to you as a customer. Unlike if you buy your own server and have it under your bed, the server hall is equipped with a variety of features that not only facilitate, but also ensure continuous operation. Because servers generate a lot of heat, one actively works with cooling in the server halls, and the lines to the network are rarely many in number and disconnected from each other. This means you do not have to pause your entire business just because a dump truck is driven by the wire outside the house.

Dedicated servers can sometimes seem a little expensive, but compared to a bunch of web hosting, and the hassle that such a solution often means, they are an affordable investment for those who work actively with the web.


vps strongbox Strongbox is the performance option for those who are looking for truly powerful and safe solutions – and care less about what they cost. This is useful if you want a stable and functional dedicated server in safe hands. As a customer, you choose between three different options. Already the easiest offers enough capacity for most needs, and looking up higher on the scale, you’ll find solutions that can handle almost all situations that you can imagine.

Strongbox is nothing for the price conscious: the easiest server costs from SEK 2395 / month and there is an installation fee bästa webbhotellet för wordpress. Window servers are even slightly more expensive – expect to add a few hundredfolds for such a solution. In short, the Strongbox solution is for you who have a great presence on the web and can afford the best. The prices pull down the score somewhat, but not much – this is a supplier focusing on capacity and performance, not crowns and the ears.


Since the mid 90’s, Crystone has delivered hosting solutions to Swedish companies, and with customers like PEAB, Tele2 and Babs Paylink, you obviously do something right. Dedicated servers are offered in four different levels, from Basic via Standard and Business and up to Enterprise. Are you serious enough to consider a dedicated server as a hosting solution, you will probably need to start with the Business Package, which in our eyes is also the most affordable (1995 / month excl. VAT).

All packages can be expanded using additional services, support is open 24 hours a day, and overall, Crystone is a serious and well-managed provider that we have no problems with recommending. The data hall in Stockholm is equipped with most of the latest in security and redundancy, and for maximum security, choose the optional Backup option.

City Network

City has a strong brand in the Swedish hosting market, not least because it guarantees 100% uptime on its services. In other words, this option is for you if your web is not allowed to lie down.

On offer, you offer four different types of dedicated servers (preferably baptized Server 1 – Server 4). For most needs, you can do well with Server 2 (from 995 / month excl. VAT) and the addition of additional services includes everything you might need. A little negative for things like shared firewall should cost close to $ 100 a month, but all in all, City Network is a really good and affordable option when it comes to dedicated servers.


Ballou offers two types of servers in its operating hall: Standard and Advanced. Both solutions are generous with power and space, so for most, the IBM server is probably enough in standard version. A certain number of additional services are available, especially in backup starting at 10 GB for 450 / month excluding VAT (the standard server costs 1250 per month in original version).

It’s hard to call Ballous servers for cheap, yet they are relatively affordable to what you get for their money. The server hall has very high security and good redundancy, so there is also a security aspect to count on the price. Despite that, there are better and above all cheaper options on the market, and we have difficulty giving Ballou any of the higher grades.


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