Differences between Split System and Ducted Type Air Conditioning


The summer and sun in Sydney must have made you go troppo, and that clearly sums up that it might be the right time to invest in an air conditioner. When buying the air conditioner for your home, it’s pretty difficult to make the right choice for there are plenty of products that claim to be the best.

The most popular air condition systems are ducted and split air conditioners. To the normal observer, most of the differences between these two varieties of air conditioners are not aren’t particularly apparent. However, there are quite a few differences that become obvious when you start comparing the specifications of both the systems.

The Ducted air conditioning system and the split air conditioning systems have a quite a few obvious and not so obvious differences. All these differences can appear even more disparate depending on the location and area where they’re installed. With these few things in mind, let’s take a look at the key differences of each type of air con below.

What Are The Key Features Of Each Air Conditioner?

While both the varieties of air conditioner essentially do the same thing – cool your home, but the major difference is in the ways they go about the cooling process is entirely different. The ducted air conditioners work with a series of ducts to keep you cool. This type of air conditioner has an internal fan coil unit which is installed in the roof of the home where a series of ducts run from it into the house as the owner desires.

The ducted air conditioner thus allows you to each room individually, thus the ease of cooling a whole house is apparent here. The air conditioning installation Baulkham Hills for ducted split conditioner is rigorous and requires experts like ENDEAVOUR AIR CONDITIONING. At ENDEAVOUR AIR CONDITIONING takes pride in providing complete air condition services solutions for both residential and commercial requirements.

All the services are completely finished with no loose ends, because that is only way to ensure a steady flow of work. The split air conditioner are split into two main units where the two parts are distinguished by inside. One part associated with the evaporative heat exchanger that blows the cooled air into your room, and the other part is associated with to expel the air out, condensing heat exchanger.

Air con service Eastern Suburbs provides installation and repair and fulfil all other service requirements for split systems. These air conditioning systems stand out for their relatively low initial purchase price and their installation is not so invasive, especially when it is done by ENDEAVOUR AIR CONDITIONING. The split system can be very efficient option if you only need to cool or heat only one room, but they are less effective in larger spaces.

Split system air cons are great options for small areas, with relatively cheap purchase price. ENDEAVOUR AIR CONDITIONING is one of Sydney’s most reputed and leading Air Conditioning companies. The company is family owned and operated and has worked hard to earn that reputation since opening in 1988. They can design a system perfectly suited to your needs, whether to an existing building or new from your plans to be programmed into the construction of the building.


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