Easiest way to travel to the land of the Kangaroos


Do you wish to travel to Australia, the land of the Kangaroos? You may be having such a wish for visiting the country for the purpose of vacation, business purpose or for visiting relatives. Whatever may be the cause just continue reading and have all your doubts cleared regarding the ways to be there easily.

Why you require such a visa?

The australian visitor visa will allow you to be in the country for certain reasons. There are certain restrictions too that you must follow while you are in Australia having such a visa. You can be there for:

  • Spending your vacation
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Business activities.
  • Having training

There are certain restrictions too that you must follow. The restrictions are:

  • You cannot offer service to any Australian firm.
  • Sell goods to the general public

Types of visa that you can get

There are basically two types of this nature of visa that you can get. The classification is upon the validity of the visa. The validity of the visa may be for three or five years depending upon the consideration of your visit.

Requirement for having such a visa

There are certain requirements that you must fulfill if you wish to have visitor visa australia. The requirements are:

  • You must prove that you do not want to stay in Australia permanently
  • Your purpose of visit must be other than doing business or having health treatment.
  • You must have the financial capacity to support yourself during your stay in Australia.
  • You must be able to provide health insurance papers and documents to prove your character.

Time you will be allowed to stay in Australia

There is a specified time schedule until which you can stay in Australia. The visa may enable you to enter once or multiple times into Australia. The multiple entries permit you to stay for 3, 6 or 12 months in Australia. You need to specify that duration in the application that you make.

Now definitely the question that is coming to your mind is where to apply for having such a visa to be in the wonderful country.

Where to apply to have such a visa?

There are basically two ways to which you can apply for having such an entry visa to Australia.

  • Online: Yu can easily apply online using immiAccount. It is better to apply online as it will help better and fast communication.
  • Visa application centers: You can if you wish also apply at the designated visa application center that is set up in your country.

The documents that you need to attach

There are certain documents that you need to attach with the application form.

Visitor Stream: Personal documents like passports and national identification card are must to be attached.

Business visitor Stream: Personal documents like passport should be attached. You also need to attach a passport sized photo of yours from head to should along with the form.

So, if you have applied for having such a visa let the processing time be over and then book your ticket to the land of the Kangaroos.


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