Exercises to lose extreme weight

Exercises to lose weight

Hello everyone Welcome another day, today we begin the last week of October and I have prepared some extreme weight loss exercises, easy to perform, but really strenuous. With this I do not want to discourage you, far from it, in fact, I hope that you motivate and deliver to the maximum.

The training consists of only 4 exercises to lose weight, and although the whole body is worked, most of the work will be concentrated in the lower extremities. Each exercise will be done for 30 seconds, as we have been doing until now, and you will not stop to rest until completing all the exercises to lose weight. Then you will rest 1 minute before repeating everything again and doing it all 5 times.

Exercises to lose extreme weightTHE EXERCISES TO LOSE EXTREME WEIGHT ARE:


  1. Jump and knees to the chest– 30 seconds

This exercise does not need much explanation, you stand with your legs spread at shoulder height, then you jump and try to touch the chest with your knees.

  1. Full burpee– 30 seconds

This exercise, we have been doing the last week, but in reality, we were not doing it completely so as not to make the training so tired, but today we are going to complete it. Stand with your legs spread at shoulder height, bend over until you touch the palms of your hands on the floor, then in a single movement stretch your legs back, until you are resting on the palms of your hands and the tip of the feet, in that position, flex the arms until your chest practically touches the ground. Then, return to the initial position making the movements in an inverse way and end up taking a leap taking advantage of the impulse that you take when standing up. If you do not have enough strength to flex, lean on your knees instead of your toes.

  1. Direct fists and circular right– 30 seconds

Standing, with your legs spread at shoulder height and your body weight resting on your toes, then throw a direct punch with each arm, keeping your elbows close to your body and reinforcing the movement of each direct spinning the hip. Then throw a circular kick in the right leg, for it raises the knee as if you want to throw a knee oblique and then stretches the leg.

  1. Direct fists and left kick– 30 seconds

Same as the previous exercise but with the left leg.

Rest – 1 minute

Repeat all 4 times.

The exercises to lose weight do not exceed 12 minutes, but given its intensity is enough time to burn many calories, so try to maintain the highest possible pace throughout the training.

This is all for today, remember that the ideal complement to the sport is a healthy diet, in fact, if you do not take care of your diet it is complicated that you can take off those extra pounds that you have left over.


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