Finest Granny Flats for Extraordinary Usage


Having a granny flat in one’s home becomes a necessity often when one has ageing parents or grandparents at home. It is a duty to provide them with all kinds of comfort as a sign of gratitude. People tend to live by themselves when they reach old age, and are often physically bound to be confined within spaces due to their inability to function as a young energetic mare anymore. You should build a granny flat sydney with confidence and have absolutely no issues with the expenditure because the value of your property automatically increases when you incorporate a granny flat in your home. The return on investment is great too. You can expect to receive 350-450$ rentals depending on the location of your house.

How to get started on this?

Getting started on building a granny flat is quite easy, with the govenment encouraging this. Let us have a look at the different steps of getting a granny flat built:

  1. Step 1: You need to get some things ready to begin with. You need the certificate 149 of section 2 and 5 from the local government authority. Next, you will be needing a sewer diagram (which can be obtained from and a title search (which can be obtained from You need to make sure that your land size is of a minimum area of 450 square meters and your frontage is of at least 12 meters.
  2. Step 2: You will be provided with a site visit and a free consultation with the granny flat experts, and this should help you to decide on the various aspects of the construction.
  3. Step 3: The construction company would then quote an estimate of the total cost of the construction. The costs or the fees includes a meticulous countour survey of your place, taking good care of the floor plans, and elevations on all four sides of your place. Once you proceed, a design fee would be applicable on the cost.
  4. Step 4: You get to choose from three great designs that the company provides. If you are not satisfied, you can always go for a custom made design, which takes care of your needs and requirements, with full coordination of the draftsmen. You do not need to worry about the certified approval of the PCA, as it will be taken care of by the company.
  5. Step 5: Good care will be taken that you do not face any problem during the construction and the company will strive to deliver you the fully constructed flat within the specified date.


This is an important aspect in the construction. You can find your granny flat designs depending on the size of your flat.

  • If it is a 3 bedroom flat, the most popular design is the parramatta, and the floor plan is the triplex.
  • If it is a 2 bedroom one you desire, the most popular designs are the campbelltown, the blacktown and the penrith. The floor plans have a lot of varieties—the altitude, the apex, atlas, crown, deluxe, horizon, orion, pandors, phoenician, phoenix, star and ultimate.
  • A one bedroom flat has the liverpool as the most popular design, and the corresponding floor plans are the vector and the one.


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