How to Choose the Best Camera under 200: Buyers Guide 2017


Most customers struggle in identifying the Best Camera under 200. In fact, some people are not sure whether they can find a good camera below this price. The truth of the matter is that you can even find the best camera under 100. All you need to look at are the specifications of the product you wish to consume. Here is a buyer’s guide on how to choose the best camera that will cost you less than 200 dollars.

Size of the Sensor

The size of the sensor is the biggest determinant of the quality of images your camera will deliver. It’s advisable to go for cameras that have larger sensors within the price range. Large sensors provide the best performance under low light and overall image quality.


Another factor to consider while shopping for the best camera under 200 is the lens. Some cameras allow you to swap the lenses out while others have fixed ones. You will always see a reference to focal length in the specification of the product ( It is the primary determinant of the angle of view of the lens. A shorter focal length translates into wider angles for your snaps.

Lens Aperture

This feature determines the amount of light that can go through the lens of the camera. Any camera that has a large armature gives you more control in low light condition shooting. Such cameras will enable you to attain blurrier out of focus backgrounds. Zooming will sacrifice brightness on any lenses that have aperture ranges. Lenses that have constant aperture values are the best throughout the zooming range. However, most of these lenses are bigger and more expensive and you could find them in the category of best camera under 500.


You can measure the dimension of the image from the number of megapixels the camera produces. Megapixels offer you more flexibility, and you can crop and print on large material without losing much on quality. However, this feature is not a critical determinant of photos that live on the web. An iPhone that has 8 megapixels is good to go.

Optimal Zoom and Optimal Stabilization

The term optimal zoom refers to how you can zoom in the camera. It’s an important factor when looking for the best camera under 200 because digital zoom sacrifices the quality of the images. Optimal stabilization is an excellent feature to consider because it allows the lenses to compensate for any form of shaking. The feature manipulates your images even though it also sacrifices on quality.


Finally, ISO measures the sensitivity of the sensor to light. Cameras that have a wide ISO range are the best for low-light shooting. You may also look at other features like the weight of the camera, weatherproof abilities, WI-FI and GPRS among others.


It is very hard to get a single camera that has all the features you want. Making a purchase decision entails compromising some of the features you wish to find in a product. However, make sure you get a camera that gives you the maximum number of benefits depending on your shooting needs. If you want to read details about this topic click here



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