Money Mindsets – The Rich, The Poor & The Lost!


When while I was attending a motivational talk session on wealth creation, the keynote speaker made a strong declaration by stating that; ‘money is a defense, and therefore, the absence of it is an offence.’ Unexpectedly the whole atmosphere was jailed by a cacophony of noise as a section of the audience who agreed with the speaker’s declaration applauded loudly and nodded encouragingly at him, while another area showed their disapproval with an unhappy outcry. With this, the house became divided and become an unneeded debate that went on for numerous minutes until the speaker was forced to rephrase his statement in order to save time. Make of this story what you will, however on that very day I pertained to a rational conclusion that there are three various mindsets which basically figures out how human beings view money, and perhaps, they can be identified as Rich-Minds, Poor-Minds, and Lost-Minds.

Rich-Minds are selfless and purposeful people who know that by succeeding they can truly contribute meaningfully to mankind, so they see money as a needed ways to accomplish that end, and not as an end itself. And since they totally understand that cash is the globally accepted representative for value exchange, they diligently aim to develop wealth for the sole function of advancing their chief objective in life. In fact, for these individuals, loan without purpose is nothing. They are providers, home builders, righteous, followers, peacemakers, enthusiasts, generous, charitable, dreamers, achievers, vibrant, genuine, and initial … Follow them for they are the crusaders of great loan and long-lasting gains!

On the other side of the divide are Poor-Minds who are selfish and greedy because of their problematic mentality about genuine prosperity. Inning accordance with them, making and having cash constantly is the main essence for human presence so they should continue to amass wealth at any cost. They praise loan, and are prepared to offer their souls in pursuit of it, because, in their own order of significance, the love of cash is far greater than the requirement for purpose and significance in life. Therefore, for these individuals, money is the purpose for everything. They are takers, destroyers, crooks, deceivers, war mongers, exploiters, stingy, schemers, corruptible, desperate, scammers, claimers, fake, and superficial … Avoid them for they are proponents of fast cash and short-term earnings!

However observing lazily from the sidelines, in a crucial and judgmental manner, are the Lost-Minds who care less due to the fact that they feel that money is the ultimate problem of this world. They wrongly believe that money is evil and so every struggle for it, whether for good or for bad, need to definitely cause hell. Moreover, their spirits lack a crucial element of life which is function, and for this reason, they are blinded by the fogs of deficiency and jealousy to the degree that they do not have the ability to see any requirement for wealth, and hence, they never accomplish anything meaningful or significant in life. In short, these individuals think that there is no purpose for cash in anything. They are receivers, reviews, cynics, dream-killers, skeptics, haters, beggars, ill-wishers, susceptible, shy, drifters, blamers, undefined, and questionable … Ignore them because although they promote for a world with no cash, they still have a severe sense of privilege!

So undoubtedly, money can be excellent, can be bad, or, can be nothing. This is due to the fact that money on its own is neutral; nevertheless, it is the ways by which we seek, chase, handle or use it that can either be damaging or helpful. Likewise, what provides money its energy, power and effectiveness are our understandings, interpretations, intents, actions and responses towards it. Of which, loan can be utilized to achieve more good than wicked if most of our pursuits in life are meaningful and substantial based upon the worths of stability and sincerity. By producing and having more good wealth, we can assist more households, construct more homes, put food on more tables, inform more individuals, heal more clients, fund more services, create more task opportunities, contribute to more charities, support more deserving causes, do more tasks, find more services to numerous human issues, etc. In any case, it is most importantly crucial to note that in the middle of all the confusion about the need, the love and the lack of loan, our financial difficulties or the lack of them, has absolutely nothing to do with cash itself, however everything to do with our Loan Frame of minds.


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