Natural CBD Vape Oil (Juice, Eliquid)


Highland Pharms is happy to announce our CBD VAPE OIL formulation that utilizes solely ALL NATURAL ingredients. (vape oil is additionally called vaporizer oil, juice, ejuice, eliquid and is typically supposed to be employed in a vaporizer pen)

Our vaporizer oil uses solely a 100% Vegetable alcohol base. Most vape oils use some quantity of propanediol in conjunction with the Vegetable alcohol. once mingling like this, it creates what’s known as a VG/PG base. The glycol causes some folks some irritation and even for people who aren’t adversely affected: WHO very needs to vape glycol? Highland Pharms doesn’t USE ANY GLYCOL IN ANY OF OUR merchandise.
The Highland Pharms CBD VAPE OIL is all natural.

We decision our merchandise “CBD Vape-Oil” as a result of they embrace not simply Cannabidiol, however rather CBD “Plus” all the opposite cannabinoids and phytonutrients found within the hemp extract. The vape oil consists of CBD made Hemp Oil Extract, Associate in Nursing all natural wetting agent, vegetable glycol and natural seasoner. that is all!

The reason alternative vape oils add the propanediol (PG) is as a result of that is what provides the vape mist a small “tinge” on the rear of the throat property you recognize you’ve got taken in some vapor. Its the harshness from the PG that provides that feel. But, with our All Natural Vape Oil, you will find it to be the smoothest offered.

Highland Pharms is often operating to bring solely the simplest, freshest and most natural hemp oil merchandise to our customers. we all know you would like CBD for well-being, thus why would you would like to feature one thing that is not natural like propanediol to your body? It does not be.

Our “juice” is created with extract from radical HIGH GRADE HEMP PLANTS grownup at a store hemp farm! that is right. Most brands use extracts from “Industrial Grade” Hemp grownup somewhere overseas. we have a tendency to use extract from the best Quality Hemp Plants.

So, why would you would like to vaporize CBD instead of ingest it? many folks report that once eupneic it, they feel the consequences faster than they are doing once they ingest it (take it orally). So, that is one reason why. Another is that several people that square measure quitting smoking use these merchandise to require the “edge” off of their anxiety from the smoking cessation*. And, by taking it within the kind that mimics their previous habit, it additional simply permits them to transition to being smoke free. one more reason why folks prefer to vape these merchandise is as a result of its one thing they’ll do all throughout the day. instead of taking one massive serving within the morning, they unfold it out over the course of the day and consistently deliver it into their bodies all day long.
All Natural CBD Vape Oil (Juice)

One issue you would like to remember of is that top quality Hemp (CBD) vape juices like ours square measure pretty made in organic plant compounds. And, as such, you wish a cartridge with heating components which will handle this richness over the long-term. several cartridges can break fairly quickly unless they’re additional ready to handle the made compounds. So, once buying a vape oil cartridge, take care to request one which will handle richer compounds while not burning out too quickly.


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