One trip, two destinations – A tour of Agra and Delhi


New Delhi is one destination which is surrounded by many tourist hot-spots. The hill stations near it make up for a great weekend getaway while some towns and cities are perfect for a fleeting visit. Agra is the one place from the city that can be toured in a single day. Places like Jaipur may be near but almost impossible to tour in a day as the round journey by car will take you at least 12 hours. This article talks about a trip to New Delhi and a fleeting one-day visit to Agra.

The biggest blessing that can be bestowed upon your travel plans is the presence of other pristine destinations you can effortlessly visit on your trip to the destination you plan on visiting. Why not kill two birds with one stone when you are handed such an opportunity in a golden platter? This short escape will make up a beautiful chapter for your travel log and give you the pleasure of experiencing two locations for the price and time of one.

If you are planning a visit to New Delhi, you have many options laid out before you, however the one place you can do a round trip having thoroughly toured the place in a single day is Agra. You can easily get a Delhi to Agra taxi online which you can book for the next day’s early morning trip. A trip to Agra from delhi by car takes only 3 hours, which means if you start round 5 am in the morning, you will have reached Agra by 8 am. You can directly begin your touring. Trains are also available for this route, the fastest train being the Shatabdi express which also takes only a journey of 3 hours. However, taxis are recommended since the timings of trains are not flexible, while you can hop on your taxi as and when you are satisfied with your tour and plan on heading back. If you have a train ticket booked for a specific time, you will have to rush your touring and constantly keep a tab on the time.

delhiOn your trip to Agra, you can reserve most part of the mornings and daytime for sightseeing purposes, and evenings for some quick shopping. Taj Mahal will naturally be the first place you go to, however don’t make the trip to Agra just about that. There are many other monuments, palaces and gardens spread around the city which were built with much care and finesse by the Mughal Kings during their time. Don’t waste away too much of your time in the Taj Mahal and plan out your itinerary accordingly before your trip. After the sightseeing bit is over with, head over to the street markets and buy some souvenirs. It is always good to take back souvenirs whenever you visit a new place as a reminder of your travel.

With the prior cab booking you have done, head back to New Delhi. Assuming that you are done with the sightseeing part of Delhi, stay for a few more days and experience the other elements the city has to offer. Delhi can give you the perfect foodie experience should you choose your places to eat correctly. If you want to taste something ethnic head over to Dilli haat. Here you will find food stalls from various states in India serving the interpretation of their local food. The street foods are not to be missed. Street foods can be found in almost every street corner, but if you are particular about hygiene (which everyone should be), have them in shops and stalls where they keep all the food enclosed in glass in a clean space and servers cover their hands in gloves. Nightlife is prevalent mostly in the southern part of the city. There is a whole urban village dedicated solely to nightlife. There are also various bars, pubs and clubs scattered all across the city. Some are exclusive and much more expensive than the usual ones, but if you have the money to spend, the experience is incomparable to the normal places.

After you have experienced what Delhi has to offer and with the experience of Agra in the back of your mind, your journey back home will be a pleasant flashback of all the good times you had in the past few days exploring the two fascinating cities.


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