How to Place a Perfect Shot to Hunt Coyotes


If you’re a hunter who wants to hunt in every season without taking breaks, coyotes should be your ideal prey. The good news is that the population of coyotes is high and there is no strict legislation regarding their hunting. However, I want to warn you that your adventure won’t be too easy.

Remember, coyotes are very shrewd animals that heavily rely on their never-failinginstincts, so you’ve to outsmart them in order to succeed. Any mistake you commit in the field of hunting can be disastrous and foil all hunting attempts. This article will help you to lay a successful trap for these intelligent dogs.

Target at making an ethical kill

I’ve to be honest with you that only seasoned hunters have the monopoly of killing coyotes in a rightful way. I bet that you wouldn’t like if, in the process of shooting a coyote, you shoot a wrong section that makes it endure pain before it finally passes on. You want to be kind to animals so you must shoot the right areas.

Unlike other animals, a coyote heart’s is located at the front part of the chest so shooting a coyote from the right shoulder should be every hunter’s aim. Moreover, the shot at that position will hit both the lungs and the heart hence saving your prey from the excruciating pain. Hitting the right place ensures that the quality of the fur remains a top quality one.

Arm yourself with the right weapons

Don’t expect to set for your hunting trail without adequate top-notch weapons. The dogs are both too clever and swift, so rudimentary weapons will only ensure that head back home empty-handed hunt after hunt.

For a perfect shot, standard caliber such as .243 and .223 with sufficient bullets are all you need to begin your expedition. In addition, I prefer to use .22 riffles for successful shots, but you can equally use short guns for the same purpose. To enhance your success rate, use optical devices like varmint scope for higher precision.


If the dogs see you before you could see them, then don’t expect that your day can still be successful. It’s important to find a vegetation location where you can hide for the coyotes for close to 30 minutes without serious strains. Such locations should provide you with clear visibility of the prey and space to execute an ethical shot.

Entice the coyotes

It’s rare to find coyotes come to your direction without luring them. The best way to entice the dogs is with the use of bait or a caller. The caller can be electrical or mechanical but with an ability to mimic a similar sound that coyotes make. The ideal bait is always a dead rabbit but never overuse it until the fast-learning coyotes discover it.

Final word

Initiating a perfect shot involves several factors for the fruition of your hunting activities. With the right weapons and clear visibility, I can say that you’re almost good to go. When I talk of visibility, I also mean your camouflage including parking your vehicle far from the hunting zone.

Even with the sophisticated weapons and optical devices, you cannot succeed unless you’ve sufficient skills and knowledge about your target. It’s important to aim at the ‘sweet spots’ on the coyote and swiftly snap your kill to ensure good quality of the fur.


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