Seamless Gutters vs. Sectional Gutters


Seamless gutters are “seamless” compared to sectional gutters. They are installed in one or two pieces, custom molded and drilled in place. Seamless gutters are constructed with a special machine and put together in long pieces.

Sectional gutters have smaller pieces. When these pieces are assembled, they have seams or visible areas where one part meets another. Sectional gutters first need to be measured, fitted and glued together with sealant before being drilled in place.

Pros of a Seamless Gutter


Seamless gutters are less likely to leak because they do not have seams like sectional gutters do. Plus, seamless gutters are made from steel which allows the gutters durability against heat, moisture, and ice.

Available in Different Colors

Seamless gutters are available in many different colors, such as browns, whites, beiges, and greens.You can color coordinate your gutters with the exterior, such as the color of the roof or the color of the window shutters. Some seamless gutters are so sleek and so modern-looking that they mimic a trim, which can make your home look purposefully high-end. Ask a professional  contractor what colors and styles are available.

Adds Value to the Home

Seamless gutters can give your home a modern look. They are a worthy update because they offer “form” and “function.” Form, because they are sleek and modern-looking, function because they are more durable than sectional gutters.  Adding seamless gutters can increase the value of your home if you are trying to sell it.

Reduced Cleaning

Because seamless gutters do not have seams that collect leaves, twigs and other debris, they are low maintenance and easy to clean. They are much less likely to clog. As a result, The water will won’t have a problem going through the gutter and being led away from the home.



The cost for seamless gutters is higher than the cost for sectional gutters. This is due to the high-quality steel used to mold seamless gutters, and the price may also depend on how much material you will need for the area of your home. The color of your gutters might also play into how much they cost.

Professional Installation Recommended

Installation may be quick, but it’s a skilled job for a contractor, which adds to the cost. You can try to add on the seamless gutters yourself, but you would need to invest in the machine that makes them. You would also have to be skilled in taking the measurements you will need to fit the gutters around your home.

Seamless gutters are the perfect update for the exterior of your home. They’re low maintenance, colorful and practical. Ask your contractor to see what your options are.


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