A Simple and Quick Free File Undelete Download App Guide


Like everyone else, you don’t want to lose your data at any cost. But, losing your critical files or folders is a very common affair, which happens knowingly or unknowingly. We know that this sometimes leaves you in a big trouble. In order to overcome this situation, you make every possible effort, but don’t succeed due to various reasons. Since your data is very important for you, so you keep searching for the ideas that could help to get all your vital lost data back.   

What Next Step Should I Follow Then?

It’s common to click on the delete button by mistake. When it’s done, your next step will be on regretting on the same immediately. The reason is that you have deleted your very critical files or folders. If you have recently gone through this situation, there is no need to bother. By just opting to download free file undelete, you can easily recover your accidently or mistakenly deleted data and files. One of the most important benefits of using this software is it would help you to recover your lost data without impacting the performance of your hard disk – no matter what device you are currently using, be it a memory card, smartphone, laptop or computer system or any other storage device.

Is it Possible to Find Free File Undelete Software?

The good news is that the market is flourished up with plenty of free file undelete software used to recover the deleted/damaged data by many individuals and corporate entities. More to the point, the file recovery from the recently formatted memory cards or the hard disks is also possible with this software. Everything is in your control right. The appropriate usage of the software also makes it convenient to restore your accidentally or unintentionally deleted files or folders securely from your computer.

What Alternate Should I Go With?

Free File Undelete is a commonly used file recovery app designed to help individuals undelete the damaged/lost files from their NTFS drives. This small-sized Windows file recovery app, having a file size of 694KB only, can be shared or passed on via email or flash disk. You can follow a few simple and easy step to download free file undelete app with the help of internet.

Easy Steps on How to Use Free File Undelete?

  • Select the NTFS drive in the NTFS Drive List,
  • Now, click the “Scan Now” button,
  • After the completion of file scanning, choose the deleted/damaged files from the file list,
  • Then opt for a file folder in order to save your useful undeleted files,
  • And finally click the “Recover Now” Button and see recovering your critical data.

Experts Opinion:

Many options are available in the market when you plan to recover or undelete your damaged/lost files from your NTFS drives. No matter what reason you have to lose your files like their deletion due to an accident, entering a virus into the PC or computer failures – your data can be easily restored with the proper installation of this application, which is built on very effective and fast algorithm.

A Quick Free File Undelete Installation Guide:

  1. Visit the Free File Undelete download page.
  2. Click the Download button. Once downloading of the free file undelete file is done, run on it on your PC.
  3. Choose the language of the install process:
  4. Run the Setup wizard.
  5. Now select accordingly – whether you want to install the program on your PC system or have a plan to create a portable version on a removable device.
  6. Read the License Agreement and don’t forget to give your acceptation to its conditions.
  7. You must read the warning about you don’t want to install the app on the disk where the lost/damaged files are stored.
  8. Check if you need to change the destination folder for the program.
  9. If required, change the program group.
  10. Take your time when the program is being installed on your computer.

You can now start the data recovery program after the installation of app is done.

Summary: Here are a few useful steps you can follow to download free file undelete app. Know everything here you need to know about free file undelete.


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