Urine Drug Testing: An Overview


The oldest and most typically used methodology of drug checking is that the weewee drug test. weewee drug testing is typically the foremost cheap and fastest methodology of screening for drug use. Some edges of weewee drug testing square measure that the tests square measure minimally invasive and safe. Results square measure usually came back at intervals 24-48 hours and plenty of employers appreciate the fast turnaround.

With dozens of testing labs in each town, convenience is commonly an element in selecting weewee tests. Testing centers square measure typically on the subject of the actual company and therefore the visits square measure usually short. the potential worker simply must register and sign a couple of releases then urinate during a cup. In most cases, the worker is ready to part shut the comfort station door so as to keep up some privacy. Since several weewee tests will discover masking agents, the necessity to urinate fully company is nearly eliminated. the whole method typically solely lasts twenty minutes and employers will have the results at intervals hours.

Although weewee drug testing is that the commonest of pre-employment drug screenings, several inventive scientists have developed tools to beat these tests. a colossal array of merchandise square measure simply gettable on-line and in specialty retailers. Some cases have even been rumored of individuals buying weewee from a “clean” associate and victimization the clean weewee in their own drug check. The clean weewee is keep during a skinny bag, boiled, strapped to the leg and passed as weewee.

With drug checking laboratories commencing to test for masking agents, artificial weewee was developed. The weewee usually comes in powder kind however may additionally are available in liquid, Synthetic urine. The powder is mixed with water and comes with a instrumentality with a measuring system hooked up. The temperature is absolute to rest for up to a couple of hours. This artificial weewee contains all of the properties within which a research lab tests. bound body temperatures and chemicals that square measure usually gift in human weewee square measure detected and it will be terribly convincing.

Although weewee drug testing is definitely accessible, minimally invasive and comparatively cheap, several employers perceive that it’s conjointly the best to evade. owing to the range of strategies accustomed lead on weewee tests, several employers plan to utilize sweat, spittle or follicle drug testing in its place. These different strategies might not be as convenient or cheap, however square measure typically a lot of reliable.


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