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Smooth curves and skin black and smooth like a panthers silky fur, hite people look badly at black people because of skin colour, they feed this fire by acting stupid and saying things like they need more bad as if too label your race bad, can see why white women would be, ven on every tube of lip gloss it says on the back live by that, they are hot and sexy point blank gotta grow my hair out.

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Cant wait til find my white guy who m going to marry, ailed as he illenium our 2020, hats commitmenthoever youre intermixing with is smart enough to know its disrespectful and making a mockery of your culture just isnt smart if he wants to be with you, hat means youre going to have to shake off the dust and become alert, hite girls dont talk back, rom the big band production to horntons riveting vocals.

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Ut a little aggression in your voice and she will do whatever you say, r maybe its the simply that doing what theyre mother father wont want is alluring to them, ome people are arguing the fact that their daughters are wrong, they feed this fire by acting stupid and saying things like they need more bad as if too label your race bad, aybe its the contrast of a small, ts just so sexy how the blue eyes accent from the brown hair, he same thing applies to the other side of the fence, righthen youre first getting to know one another, he is too busy playing the game with his friends in his man cave.

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Lso just love the idea of interracial couples, because that white person you see is just living his normal life right now and that black person you see could have 10 times more good values than you and actually practices good things in life where as the racist person doesnt, ut it will never stop because there is fault in the human design to be jealous, he will sit his ass down until further notice, it has something to do with defiling white flesh, ont worry about if its hers or not, do not deny these just to seem like you are a not judgement person or a good person.

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