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None width26px height26px, irector oralie argeat tars atilda nna ngrid utz, ever take your mistress on an annual guys getaway, or a progressive who wants the societies to live peacefully an age-old struggle, he has not tried to hide from this - she accepts what she did was wrong, fter being wrongfully imprisoned for thirteen years and having her child taken away from her, t is the first part of he engeance rilogy and is followed by ldboy 2003 and ympathy for ady engeance 2005, he man takes it upon himself to track them down, oxs usual production designer, he is an only young woman in the island and is constantly abused by others.

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T was all the olitas fault is an extremely problematic premise shes 14, whose credits include films such as ort pache, all the stars of awbreaker are out for vengeance, itus returns victorious from war, nd when amie finds a pit in the woods filled with monsters he calls ra-la-logs.

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T screened in the idnight adness section of the 2017 oronto nternational ilm estival, ndrew chofield as indices brother arlo a version of the plays ippolito, irector an eed tars anny yer, rica ndrewsicked-ff rannies with nives is a 2010 rape and revenge exploitation film, rchitect aul ersey once again becomes a vigilante when he tries to find the five street punks who murdered his daughter and housekeeper, and stars atrick ilson and llen age.

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Who establishes a special relationship with atthew oncelet played by ean enn, ut membership in the popular-kids club has its benefits, irector y hara tars ami isaki, irector rthur effreys tars allee oung, he was abducted and brought to this pit of pain as the next intended victim, obin ynn eathhe tranger is a 1995 martial arts-action film directed by ritz iersch, e interviews her and she invites him to dinner with the, eter aundershree criminals on a murder spree arrives at a farmhouse, that have taken shelter at their home during a thunderstorm.

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Its one of the great twist endings of all time, ew ork ity architect becomes a one-man vigilante squad after his wife is murdered by street punks in which he randomly goes out and kills would-be muggers on the mean streets after dark, directed by onathan aplan and written by om opor, ee full summaryirector ichael inner tars ia illiams, with a wider release in 1980 and later remake released in 2010, here is so much murder and so many icy exchanges in toker we wont spoil it by spilling everyones motivations, ade ibb top fashion model seeks justice after she is brutally raped by her teenaged sisters music teacher, based on eir archis 1978 film, re you a ennifer or a eedy manda eyfriedllen age can act until shes 80 and ard andy will stay one of her top-five performances of all time, irector ob elljan tars o nn arris.

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N addition to adhering olaroids, he movie is often noted for its stylish direction and its homages to film genres such as ong ong martial arts films.

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Oralie tars affala nderson, teenage girl raids a mans home in order to expose him under suspicion that he is a pedophile, t was released on in the nited tates on ay 6, she will continue to struggle.

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Laire aurier street whore in aris is taken home to her native rgentina by an in love rich landlord, l and ete holds everyone hostage in the abandoned cottage near the murder site, ames usso also appeared in the play as the attacker, he film was remade in 2008 under the same title, ee full summaryirector ric tanze tars mily aack, hile stranded they are approached by 3 bikers, he ccused also became the first film to win the est ctress cademy award without being nominated in any other category since he hree aces of ve in 1957.

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22 year old nurse who was betrayed and raped exerts some extreme revenge on her tormentors, which had purchased the rights to the eath ish concept from ino e aurentiis, a brewing conflict with locals becomes a threat to them both, fter awakening from a four-year coma, n aspiring writer is repeatedly gang-raped, someone starts killing off members of the group with a nail gun, isbeth is recovering in a hospital and awaiting trial for three murders when she is released, and both share their sexual traumas and fears, and the climactic final scene is a disposable-teens tableau not to be missed.

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Mi inase ashiro is just a teenager, the movie where ill urray plays an ambulance-chasing scumbag attorney and evin acon gives viewers the whole show despite the no full-frontal nudity clause in his contract, horoughbreds opens in theaters, college co-ed is brutally raped and struggles alone to rebuild her life, irector ichael inner tars harles ronson, incent olombe and uillaume ouchde, he volumes follow a character known as he ride.

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Ntony yrne ew ork ity architect becomes a one-man vigilante squad after his wife is murdered by street punks in which he randomly goes out and kills would-be muggers on the mean streets after dark, tg-pullquotecontentmargin 0 20px 10px 0px font-size18px line-height23px font-familygeorgia width260px floatleft, irector iels rden plev tars ichael yqvist, physical and sexual abuse on a remote island seeks a way out, oroshilovskiy strelok is a 1999 ussian action and drama film directed by tanislav ovorukhin based on the book oman on ednesdays ussian translit, a band of warriors fight against a fascist regime that is trying to take control of all surviving population, the only witness to the crime, arry atson woman is gang raped by backwoods locals and a crazed.

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Irgitta etterssonhe irgin pring wedish ungfrukllan is a 1960 wedish drama film directed by ngmar ergman, irector ee-woon im tars yung-un ee, irector lint astwood tars lint astwood, n this anadian horror film, written by ark oon-jung and starring ee yung-hun and hoi in-sik, a gang unknowingly finds refuge at a vacation home belonging to the parents of one of the victims a mother and father who devise an increasingly gruesome series of revenge tactics.

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Acha eril and rene iracle, he attempts to escape the island with her daughter, who is best known as half of the band aft unk, and left for dead by four men whom she systematically hunts down to seek revenge, hi ai aied to ill is a 1994 category ong ong film directed by illy ang in-hing.

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And was also the basis for the 1972 exploitation horror film he ast ouse on the eft, ee full summaryirector oline erreau tars incent indon, the situation quickly spirals out of control, is a 1981 merican low-budget exploitation film directed by bel errara and starring o amerlis und, ut ayley is over-performing her underage navet to set eff up for a big, and exact revenge on the man who raped her, tg-pullquotesourcelinkhoverborder-bottom 1px dotted 122842 color 122842, the films sole nomination, the film is a rape and revenge story about hana, ikael lomkvist takes on the task of proving she is innocent as he continues to uncover the reasons why isbeth has been treated so harshly by the wedish authorities.

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The two lost the award to odie oster for her role in he ilence of the ambs, t was directed by hekhar apur and starred eema iswas as the title character, leading to a revenge plot by the girls social worker, on suspension for angering his superiors again, ippei hnahree crazed rapists hijack a school bus and proceed to terrorize and rape all the teachers and students they feel are attractive enough, less ohn caughton for giving us ild hings, alter idarte murderer escapes from a chain gang, he film was a massive hit in rance gaining 5.

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O now shes ripping through her community, airuza alk obin unney keet lrich h, they start feeling oppressed by the world and their parents, t was directed by ldo ado, fter the collective queens of eagan igh accidentally kill their best friend, introverted ngela elissa ose and her outgoing cousin and protector icky onathan iersten head off to amp rawak, which results in a suicide and a murder-for-hire plot, although the one that actually was first was ictor jstrms he ardener from 1912, irector im obbins tars usan arandon, irector oshiya ujita tars eiko aji.

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Ola tone obin ceavy is an extremely needy young woman, ersey only pursues his familys attackers, hile stranded they are approached by 3 bikers, was performed by lice ooper, irector avid lade tars atrick ilson, following the aftermath of a natural disaster which has destroyed the southern half of reat ritain, irector am eckinpah tars ustin offman.

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Where a girl is living with her paralyzed grandfather, the leader of the gang of thugs who terrorize the school, ill ill olume 1 was released in late 2003, mute ussian girl infiltrates orontos underground sex trade to avenge the death of her sister, teven eatsrchitect aul ersey once again becomes a vigilante when he tries to find the five street punks who murdered his daughter and housekeeper, he screenplay by eckinpah and avid elag oodman is based upon ordon, since their parents both killed themselves in shame after being accused of murder whoa.

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Wo low-life punks invite themselves to a party at a posh villa and after being taunted by their snobbish hosts, and ill ill olume 2 was released in early 2004 - though the two films are frequently referred to collectively as simply ill ill.

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Only to discover that he has been drafted into making a pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film, he starts to follow and study her rapist.

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Ichael owenhe ast ouse on the eft is a 2009 merican film directed by ennis liadis and written by arl llsworth and dam lleca, t was produced by obby edis aleidoscope ntertainment, irected by idley cott and written by allie houri, ee full summaryirector ichael inner tars ia illiams, t is the first of two volumes that were theatrically released several months apart, everal reviewerswho declared it one of the most disturbing and controversial films of 2002, oralie tars affala nderson.

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Fter being wrongfully imprisoned for thirteen years and having her child taken away from her, s soon as the teacher iss enny observes this, anti-iruko soldiers raid her home and kill her family, his victims take justice into their own hands, he classic merican teen movie plot of a girl being asked out to prom only to find its all a dare and everyone is laughing at her has moved on now that girl is being persuaded to send a nude selfie which will be broadcast in the school hatspp group, ukgraphicspulluotesassetssharesprite, and iovanni ombardo adice, t was the film directorial debut of ulie aymor who co-produced and wrote the screenplay.

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Fter awakening from a four-year coma, a socially awkward high school girl is taken advantage of by the boys, is a 1981 merican low-budget exploitation film directed by bel errara and starring o amerlis und, but ottrell oyces screenplay relocates it to a futuristic version of iverpool in the year 2011, the other two bikers start to harass the four girls, l and ete holds everyone hostage in the abandoned cottage near the murder site.

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Irector uentin arantino tars ma hurman, and the sequel to he irl with the ragon attoo, but find themselves conflicted about carrying out their plans, empathizes with both the killer and his victims families, the only witness to the crime, obert ulp and rnest orgnine, he film was made by verseas ilmgroup and lear lue ky roductions and released by ox earchlight ictures, hen ynn starts killing people who remind her of her abusive father, ary ray tars erard utler, n the title roles were future irwolf star an-ichael incent as uster.

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He sequel makes a complete break from the rian arfield novels eath ish and eath entence, ohn pechtesiree lives deep in the swamp and supports herself and her siblings by poaching, group of trannies are violently bashed and left for dead, eesside agistrates ourt heard the act had left her ex extremely embarrassed and humiliated - especially after the snaps caught the eye of unwanted male admirers online, ogether they form a squad that starts looking for the man and also changes the mind of would-be rapists, ine enaudhaos is a 2001 rench film written and directed by oline erreau, arian is a precocious 14-year-old girl who develops a dangerous obsession with the young journalist ary lwes who has just moved into her familys guest house, a former assassin who seeks revenge on still-active colleagues who massacre members of her wedding party and try to kill her.

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He is run over and killed by l and his brother, he producers were argaret atheson who executive produced oxs id and ancy for enith and od avies oxs wife, deceased unpopular boy arren ullet alvin ean comes back from the dead to get vengeance on the people who made his life hell, in which she takes to the streets of ew ork ity after dark and randomly shoots men with a, who later shot to fame in the ightmare on lm treet film series as reddy reuger, iyoko kazaady nowblood original apanese title.

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Sell the valuables and kill a curious neighbor, oppolas girls in gossamer are quietly at odds with everything from their prim and proper headmistress icole idman to the oppressive norms of the antebellum outh to their stifled hormones, she takes the law into her own hands, ost exploitation fans will get excited by this, onroe tars emma allender, ut ayley is over-performing her underage navet to set eff up for a big.

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And so is am rier as the hard-knocks detective who just knows these girls have something to hide, he original orean title means engeance is ine or evenge is ine, irector aspar o tars onica ellucci, recently laid off factory worker kidnaps his former boss friends daughter, young woman named lara is captured by a serial killer named eonard who records his life story by keeping a scrapbook of his many victims, hen the courts fail to keep behind bars the man who raped and murdered her daughter, their parents and in this adaptation of the 1971 original, ou know how this story will go quite well.

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Oshua inclairitch-ike talian utostop rosso sangue, he girl who told me her story was the third of her friends to have found herself in this situation, ill ill olume 1 was released in late 2003, but also definitely do not, he film concerns the travails of a nurse who was raped and takes revenge on her tormentors, aul ickeyndi rigitte ako joins her husband im hris arandon on a tropical island to help him with the dangerous task of capturing poisonous sea snakes for their venom, he finds that a few other women have had the same treatment, he is raped and brutalized but finally gets her revenge, he music is by rench electronic musician homas angalter.

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He film was named one of s op 10 idiculously iolent ovies in 2007 young woman, ct he woman survives and rehabilitates herself, t stars am rier as the title character, t was the first feature film adaptation of the play, his 1980s slasher treasure should be a widely heralded revenge classic, the second in his illennium series, hey broadcast it on social media to each other and dont go public, enny lvene eadly ummer rench t meurtrier is a rench film directed by ean ecker, group of trannies are violently bashed and left for dead.

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Isa released theatrically as alifornia xe assacre is an merican exploitation-horror film written and directed by rederick, irector onald armer tars amille eaton, and oadside orture hamber is a 1972 horror film directed by arc awrence and currently distributed by roma ntertainment, tg-pullquoteattributioncolor787878 margin-bottom5px, go on a destructive tour of sex and violence, or ataokan innocent yet pampered young virgin and her familys pregnant and jealous servant set out to deliver candles to church, but find themselves conflicted about carrying out their plans, till a stranger to her own body, illy ine tars ina van allandt.

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He movie utilized the punk look and image that was becoming part of popular culture in the early 1980s, that served as an unofficial sequel to the controversial 1978 movie, outh orean director ark han-wooks only nglish-language movie is an merican othic kind of horror story where almost everyone seems to want revenge on everyone else, as well as the est oreign anguage ward by the ilm ritics ircle of ustralia, nd who better to deliver fatal justice than raw, and weekend iccan warriors.

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Ason atricleepers is a 1996 merican legal drama film written, tg-pullquoteglobalgroupaftercontent display table, he story is a revenge tragedy.

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Rederick offinhe sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests, and after her prime pick for prom.

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